Professional Carpet cleaning Utica NY

 8 reasons you need your carpets professionally cleaned in Utica NY or elsewhere

  1. You have a “high traffic” home.  You have a lot of people that use your house as grand central station or you have a lot of people in and out of your house all day, you absolutely need your carpets professionally cleaned.  Simple lesson.  The more people who enter your house the dirtier your carpets become.
  2. Carpets are much easier to maintain from day to day and carpets that have been professionally cleaned are much easier to maintain.
  3. The only way to get your carpets looking brand new again is getting them professionally cleaned.
  4. If you have children then you know that they are devastating on carpets.  Mud, food, beverages and any nasty little thing they can track in and spill gets ground into your carpet with their incessant in and out and up and down foot traffic.  If you have children, you definitely need a professional carpet cleaner.
  5. If you have pets you know they can be a lot like children.  They can make lots of messes.  Track in dirt and mud from outside and also leave “land mines” hidden throughout the house for you to find.  Also pet stains can soak into padding and smell the whole room up.  Without a professional carpet cleaner it is near impossible to get these stains and odors out of your carpet.
  6. Tough stains you haven’t been able to get out with traditional store bought spot removers.  A professional carpet technician is trained in stain removal techniques to get out most of the hardest stains.
  7. Maybe you’re hosting an event or a reunion and you want everything to look perfect.  This would be a great time to hire a professional  carpet cleaner to help take some of the burden off of you and really impress your guests.
  8. Did you know Stainmaster and Shaw industries (the largest manufacturer of carpet) both recommend hot water extraction by a professional company once a year?  Actually using any other method can void your warranty.

These are just 8 reasons but there are many more reasons for using a professional to clean your carpets.  For all your professional carpet cleaning needs in Utica NY call 315-570-3510 or visit our website @