Commercial Carpet Cleaning Utica NY

  When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning in Utica NY what Celestial Clean has to offer is better service, better pricing and less hassle for your stores. 

   We will come in after hours so you don’t have to close early and lose sales.  We will move and replace all tables and chairs as needed so there is no extended payroll while your employees do our job. 

  With our portable equipment your doors stay locked and secured while we do our cleaning so the cold/hot air stays inside your building and any unwanted guests stay out. 

  We will also take the necessary care of your tables, chairs, fixtures and anything that is on the tables so that in the morning you don’t have to worry about  dents and dings in your walls and fixtures or searching for lost items that were on the tables.  

  Also, as an added bonus we will clean your entrance mats with every cleaning leaving all your carpets looking clean and fresh.

   With Celestial Clean the price we quote is the price you pay.  There are no added fees if we have to vacuum a few things up or have to wait for you to finish up closing. 

   If you're looking for a company who takes pride in providing courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber at reasonable prices the look no further. 

   For all your commercial carpet cleaning needs in Utica NY contact us at 315-570-3510.

Celestial Clean "Carpet and Tile Cleaning That's Out of This World"

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