Cleaning Your Own Carpets Utica NY Rome NY

Cleaning Your Own Carpets Utica NY Rome NY

Here are few tips for deep cleaning your own carpets

Test your carpets for colorfastness

  • Find an inconspicuous spot or a scrap of carpet.  Vacuum that area of the carpet to remove any loose soil.  Then wet the cloth with the stain cleaner or carpet cleaner you will be using.  Put the cloth flat on the inconspicuous area for about an hour.  Then using a dry white cloth blot the area.  If you see the color of the carpet on you’re the rag then you need to test another cleaner/spot remover.

Preparing the Area

  • Grab a partner to help you remove any furniture from the area,
  • If you are going to use a system that uses extraction hoses make sure to protect corners and any furniture legs that won’t be moved.
  • Vacuum the entire area, spending extra time in areas that see the most use.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • The most popular method for carpet cleaning is the hot water extraction method.  If you have lots of children or really light carpets you may want to look into purchasing your own.   A hot water extraction system works by injecting hot water and a solution into the carpet then extracting the dirty water and soil back into the machine.  When using a machine make sure you don’t over wet the carpet.  Over wetting can cause mold and mildew problems and also cause shrinkage and discoloration.
  • Another method is the dry extraction method.  The dry extraction method has a number of steps to be done effectively.  First you sprinkle a dry absorbent powder into the carpet.  Then you lightly spray the entire area with a specially used encapsulating spray.  Then you use a carpet brush and gently brush the compounds into the carpet.  Let that sit for an hour then thoroughly vacuum the entire area.  

Hire a pro

  • If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, or you just don’t want to take the time to do it yourself.  Just hire us to come and do it.  We have powerful professional equipment and a satisfaction guarantee.  

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