Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Utica NY

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Utica NY 

Simple, proactive steps that will keep your carpet looking great for years to come

  • Don’t Bring Dirt in

Yeah right!?! How can I stop dirt from getting in my carpet?  It’s actually really simple.  Placing entrance mats in front of doors can greatly reduce dirt and grime build up in your carpets.  The mats will absorb all the moisture, oils, sealers, sand, grit and grime that’s usually brought into your home.  Just make sure to clean the mats as needed so they don’t become the source of the problem.

  • Don’t Buy Cheap Carpet Pad

A more expensive carpet pad is not only more comfortable for walking on; it will also help to keep your pile soft, full and more resilient.  Also,  check your carpets warranty requirements before purchasing your padding.  The warranty will specify density requirements.

  • Let’s Get Moving

In order to prevent pile crushing you should move your furniture from time to time.  Not only will it prevent crushing,  it will renew the look of your home. You should also consider using carpet protectors under furniture legs to distribute the weight and prevent pile damage.

  • Get Covered

Always cover your carpet when moving anything heavy (a wheeled piano or a buffet).  You can prevent damage by placing plywood or heavy cardboard between the wheels and your carpet.

  • Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

Cleaning your area rugs regularly (if used) can help prevent soil transfer to your carpet.  Make sure to vacuum underneath the area rugs as well to restore the pile

  • Avoid Excess Vitamin D Exposure

Use blinds, awnings or shades to reduce periods of direct sunlight and protect your carpet from fading.

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