Carpet Cleaning Utica NY Rome NY

Celestial Clean is a full service carpet cleaning company servicing the Utica NY and Rome NY areas.  These are just a few reasons we are just as good or better than the chain store carpet cleaners.

  • We focus on customer quality rather than customer quantity.  What do I mean by that?  Many companies try to pack as many customers in to their busy schedule every day.  When this happens the people cleaning your carpet are more concerned with getting to the next scheduled appointment than doing a good job on your carpet.  At Celestial Clean we schedule a max of 3 appointments per day with extra time between each appointment so the job gets done thoroughly and properly.  No hurrying to get done and to the next customer.
  •  Secondly many companies will boast of their truck mounted units with awesome suction power and two hour drying times.  What they don’t tell you is they will be running hoses through your house leaving the doors wide open while your cold/hot air escapes while letting unwanted “guests” in.  While pulling their hoses from room to room around your corners and furniture.  At Celestial Clean we use State-of-the-Art portable equipment that will leave your carpets clean as ever with the same drying time as the big, bad tuck mount units, while keeping your doors closed and your hot/cold air inside and any unwanted “guests” outside.
  • Lastly we have a 100% spot free guarantee.  That means that is to show our level of commitment to making sure your carpets are the cleanest they can be, we offer a 100% spot free guarantee for the first 30 days.  That means if there is an accident that causes a spot within 30 days of us cleaning your carpet, we will come and clean the spot for free… no questions asked.

So for all your carpet cleaning needs in Utica NY and Rome NY please give us a call at 315-570-3510 or for more information visit our website at

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