Carpet Cleaning Prices Utica NY and Rome NY

Carpet Cleaning Prices Utica NY and Rome NY

First of all let me start out by saying if you want the cheapest prices for carpet cleaning we are not the company for you. If you want reasonable prices with quality work then consider us for your carpet and tile cleaning.  The “$10.00 a room” carpet cleaners will come in and try to upsell you on everything from moving your furniture, extra stain removal, to using a “high power” detergent so your carpets will stay clean longer.  At Celestial Clean our price is all inclusive.  We will move your furniture, (excluding large buffets, pianos, etc.) pre-vacuum the entire area, pre-treat your carpets with a oxidized cleaner/stain remover giving extra attention to any stains you may have, pre-agitate your carpets using either our carpet brush or our high powered rotary machine depending on the carpet type, and extract the solution, grime and stains using a high powered hot water extraction system.  Lastly, we’ll brush out any marks we have left in your carpet.

   Here’s our pricing schedule:


  • Carpet Cleaning Rates - $45 a room.  A room is defined as an area that is up to 300 square feet.  Living room/dining rooms that are connected are considered 2 rooms. Smaller areas like baths, hallways, and walk-in closets are priced separately at $15.  We have a 2 room, $90.00 minimum for all homes.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Rates-4 ft. love seat $50, 6 ft. sofa $75, Sectionals are $10/linear ft. after the first 6 feet.
  • Auto Cleaning- Car interior $99 SUV interior $139.
  • Mattress Cleaning rates-Twin $59, Queen $69 and King $79.
  • Scotch Guard/Deodorizer-$20 per room, Sectional $50, Sofa $32, Love Seat $22, Ottoman $10, Dining room Chairs $5 per chair.

To schedule an appointment or get a quote on carpet cleaning prices in Utica NY and Rome NY please call us at 315-570-3510 or visit our website at .


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